Solresol writing a book

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Solresol: A Language Of Music And Colour

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Counting in Solresol

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10 Defunct Languages or Writing Systems

Steps are not normally indicated in writing, but can be derailed as a macron, acute or bored. SOLRESOL: An English-Solresol Dictionary This copy of the Solresol dictionary began with a version sent to me by Greg Baker. I HTMLised it, and converted the representation of Solresol notes to an unambiguous one.

Mostly, I'm working with a guy named Travis McKenzie, who is writing a book called Magickless which is being published soon (he's got a blog about his writing here:

He has an idea of including Solresol in his book as a language of magic and spells, so he asked for some help with translating stuff. Solresol numbering rules The numeration proceeds by periods of six numbers, each number being a name made of three notes, never repeating the same note three times (an implicit rule of Solresol).

From one to six, words begin with re, the second note is discriminating and repeated once, with the exception of re: redodo [1], remimi [2], refafa [3], resolsol [4], relala [5], and resisi [6].

There is a shorthand that can be used to write it which makes it look less repetitive, and it is easy to mark accents while writing.

Useful phrases in Solresol

I am learning Solresol for mostly personal reasons; I see it as more of a "secret code" with which I can write things to myself without others understanding than as a language with which I will frequently communicate with others.

This copy of the Solresol dictionary began with a version sent to me by Greg Baker. I HTMLised it, and converted the representation of Solresol notes to an unambiguous one. I also changed the ordering of the words to Solresol order, which makes their grouping into classes more obvious. Solresol (Solfège: Sol-Re-Sol) is a constructed language devised by François Sudre, beginning in His major book on it, Langue musicale universelle, was published after his death in[1] though he had already been publicizing it for some years.

Solresol writing a book
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