Should i write a book or blog

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Should I Write A Book Or Start A Blog?

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15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog

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Should I Start a Blog? 34 Things to Know (Before You Start)

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If you are serious writer then you can go for book but if you are causal writer then must go for you want write a novel or big story or a full book with a lot of pages then go for book. But whatever writer you are must go for easy, cheap and easily spread your thoughts among others.

And your "early adopters" will feel special because a) they helped you write the book (include blog commenters in the Acknowledgment page of your ebook, with their permission, of course) and b) they got to read the "book" for free when it was just the blog posts.

Mar 08,  · Watch video · The two declared they should write a book. The transcript is based on true events from both authors’ families, but is presented as a novel about an aspiring musician. The project also includes a.

Blog writing is not the same as book writing. Blog posts, to live up to their form, should be optimized for online reading. That means being aware of keywords/SEO, current events/discussions, popular online bloggers in your area, plus–most importantly—including visual and interactive content (comments, images, multimedia, links).

Night Magic, the third book in my New Orleans Nights series, comes out in one week. Enjoy an excerpt from Chapter Two today--Chapter One is on my website. Why You Should NOT Write A Book Become an author & join the least exclusive club on the planet.

There’s an unwritten rule that published authors are supposed to encourage everyone who dreams of.

Should i write a book or blog
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